Tips from Direct to Consumer Brands in Increasing their Sales on Amazon

Struggling to get noticed on Amazon? Learn 3 actionable tips (and a bonus!) to skyrocket your DTC brand's sales with keywords, listings, and reviews.

May 2, 2024
⏳ 3 mins.

We know the struggle. You've built an amazing product, but Amazon feels like a crowded marketplace where getting noticed is a battle. Don't worry, we've been there with countless DTC brands at Salesurf Growth.

We've seen what works, and we're here to share some actionable tips to supercharge your sales on Amazon.

#1 Keyword Mastery: Speak Your Customer's Language

Imagine writing a killer product description, but nobody sees it because your keywords are all wrong. Here's the deal: Amazon runs on relevant keywords. For instance, DTC brand Acme Shave Co. saw a 25% sales surge after we helped them identify long-tail keywords targeting their niche (think "organic shaving cream for sensitive skin"). Ditch generic terms and focus on the specific language your ideal customer uses to search.

#2 Listings that Convert: Make Your Product Shine

Think blurry online jewelry photos? Yeah, not a good look. The same goes for Amazon listings. High-quality images and clear descriptions are essential. DTC brand Cozy Comforters Co. saw a 10% conversion rate jump after revamping their listing with professional photography and descriptions that highlighted benefits (think "luxuriously soft" and "sleep soundly all night"). Remember, people buy with their eyes, so give them a reason to click "add to cart."

#3 Authentic Reviews: The Power of Happy Customers

Positive reviews are gold on Amazon, but forget about shady tactics. They backfire faster than a faulty remote. The key is to deliver exceptional customer service that naturally generates positive reviews. DTC brand Pawsome Pet Food Co. saw a 15% increase in repeat customers by focusing on stellar service and including a friendly review request card with every order.

Bonus Tip: A+ Content: Your Secret Weapon

Think of A+ Content as your secret weapon. It lets you tell your brand story, showcase features with high-quality images, and answer customer questions before they ask. DTC brand Brilliant Beauty Co. saw a 7% conversion rate increase after crafting compelling A+ Content that emphasized natural ingredients and unique benefits.

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